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Years of work


DYSTEN – a polish manufacturer, a polish capital, highly appreciated polish technic solution all over the global markets. An extensive experience built since 1999 enables to meet the demands of individual customers and face the most challenging projects.


DYSTEN offers scoreboards and displays products with custom shapes and sizes while using reliable components.


As a manufacturer of scoreboards and displays solutions DYSTEN ensures the highest quality norms based on the advanced quality control system for which the company has been granted an ISO certification - ISO 9001


DYSTEN has a technical support and service team available to cover client needs in every phase, technicians can assist you during installation, set-up, repairs and maintenance efficiently and quickly.


Stock market information displays are made entirely to our order including intricate mechanics and tailored electronics to adapt the device to the needs of a TV station. Installed equipment serves as a perfect information carrier and becomes an interesting element of studio’s scenography.

Jarosław Kielmel

Director of Technology TVN 24

I recommend cooperation with DYSTEN as demonstrated professionalism equipping our pool in the LED screen.

Waldemar Borysewicz

OSiR in Suwalki

DYSTEN is a company delivering quality products and customer service and assured us of the company's reliability. We remain confident that DYSTEN will represent a reliable partner also when involved in our Swiss Timing projects both with pools and sports stadiums and we will surely develop the cooperation with this company on a wider scale. New displays wow crowds with "awesome" video

Maciej Kinal

CEO KLUBBEN / Swisstiming, Poland

We’re impressed by the outcome and are very pleased to have worked with DYSTEN team who have shown how innovative and professional they can be for a project – 50 Modern Gym in Kuwait

Ihab Merei

Solutech, Kuweit

NEWS: Dysten will manufacture sport scoreboards for Kuwait Ministry of Education


DYSTEN will deliver scoreboards for sports halls for the Ministry of Education of Kuwait. In the first quarter of 2022, the delivery of 20 multisport boards and 10 judges’ panels is planned. All boards have the same layout and equipment, they are based on LED technology. They allow you to display the results of any sports, with particular emphasis on basketball, volleyball and wrestling.

Sport ccoreboards will measure 5200×1800 mm and will consist of three connected modules. Communication between the judging panel and the boards will be wireless. The devices are to meet the KUCAS certification criteria – the Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme. In the previous years, Dysten manufactured 50 scoreboards for the Kuwait Ministry of Education.


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