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Indoor Scoreboards support all popular sports, such as basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, football or hockey. The scoreboards can be configured in such a way that in addition to scores and the time they also display names of players, individual fouls, sponsors’ commercials, organizational updates, etc.

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An easy to use control panel with a detachable keyboard will help to facilitate refereeing any game, regardless of whether it is basketball, indoor football or hockey.

Additional information

Additional information




Sport scoreboard

The displayed information is in line with the official rules set for supported sports, such as: football, handball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, floorball, tennis, table tennis, badminton and many more

The sizes of the digits and the scoreboards are matched to the dimensions of the sports hall and the audience

Custom housing frame color, client logo, full customization

Flexibility modular system, customized according to the amount of information you need to display. You can decide how many information rows you need

LED RGB (full colour) devices provide complete freedom to display content – any color, size and type font and format

Scoreboards for sports and entertainment halls, gyms, ice rinks etc. Outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor environment.

The console controlling the scoreboard

The control over the socreboard has never been so easy:

Intuitive control system

Fast and efficient control over information displayed on the digital scoreboard

Preview of the displayed data on the control console’s LCD screen

Wireless, radio frequency control

Removable keypads (prepared in any language)